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Webseries: MEET

7 episodes of hilarity ensue when two new yorkers can't seem to stay out of each others way. i play jennie, aka miss-canadian-perfect-face, who's trying to maybe stop avoiding adulthood.                      

from the creative genius of arisael rivera and bethany gheraghty.


two hit-women, who also happen to be best friends for life, undergo a challenging addition to their relationship. career insecurity, friendship angst, tears, and some dirt. you might laugh and cry.          

co-written, directed, and acted by noelle stewart and myself. to be released in spring 2017!

Theatre: HOW TO

mary and thomas are in love and in their own universe. maybe literally, we don't really know. a play about getting lost in love and building walls and shelter.

written by me and workshopping in january 2017.


heidi marshall is wonderful. former casting director, now director, film maker, and acting coach who loves actors and makes it her job to find their essence. 4 weeks of lots of lessons on screen. check her out for class or coaching: