My name is Courtney Renee Stallings. I’m an actor, writer, teacher, film and theatre maker based in Brooklyn. Recently wrapped work is listed below, and can be viewed in my media sections. I love workshopping new material, devising theatre, and just working in general. Non-stop. Get in touch and let’s make something beautiful.

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Recently wrapped projects are listed below, and the majority of them can be viewed on this site.


Meet, the web series has premiered! I appear in episodes 3, 6, & 7.

*Meet was just announced as an official selection for the online NY film fest through Lift-Off Global Network*


*just shot another commercial with The Dad and Kroger. This time in Los Angeles!

shot a commercial with La San Marzano due to be released this summer.

shot 3 recent commercials for The Dad w/Some Spider Studios in collab with Graco and Kroger (view on media page)

wrapped “the stain” short horror genre commercial with Stainmaster and Vayner Media (view on media page)


*Cocked recently made it to 2nd place in our category of over 80 films with Lift-Off Global Network*

Cocked: two hit-women, who also happen to be best friends for life, undergo a challenging addition to their relationship. career insecurity, friendship angst, tears, and some dirt. you might laugh and cry.          

*co-written, directed, and acted by noelle stewart and myself, now streaming online.